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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
glc_3drep.cpp [code]
glc_3drep.h [code]Interface for the GLC_3DRep class
glc_3dstoworld.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_3dsToWorld class
glc_3dstoworld.h [code]Interface for the GLC_3dsToWorld class
glc_3dviewcollection.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_3DViewCollection class
glc_3dviewcollection.h [code]Interface for the GLC_3DViewCollection class
glc_3dviewinstance.cpp [code]
glc_3dviewinstance.h [code]
glc_3dwidget.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_3DWidget class
glc_3dwidget.h [code]Interface for the GLC_3DWidget class
glc_3dwidgetmanager.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_3DWidgetManager class
glc_3dwidgetmanager.h [code]Interface for the GLC_3DWidgetManager class
glc_3dwidgetmanagerhandle.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_3DWidgetManagerHandle class
glc_3dwidgetmanagerhandle.h [code]Interface for the GLC_3DWidgetManagerHandle class
glc_3dxmltoworld.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_3dxmlToWorld class
glc_3dxmltoworld.h [code]Interface for the GLC_3dxmlToWorld class
glc_abstractmanipulator.cpp [code]
glc_abstractmanipulator.h [code]
glc_arrow.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_Arrow class
glc_arrow.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Arrow class
glc_attributes.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_Attributes class
glc_attributes.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Attributes class
glc_axis.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_Axis class
glc_axis.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Axis class
glc_boundingbox.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_BoundingBox class
glc_boundingbox.h [code]Interface for the GLC_BoundingBox class
glc_box.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_Box class
glc_box.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Box class
glc_bsrep.cpp [code]Implementation for the GLC_BSRep class
glc_bsrep.h [code]Interface for the GLC_BSRep class
glc_bsreptoworld.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_BSRepToWorld class
glc_bsreptoworld.h [code]Interface for the GLC_BSRepToWorld class
glc_cachemanager.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_CacheManager class
glc_cachemanager.h [code]Interface for the GLC_CacheManager class
glc_camera.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_Camera class
glc_camera.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Camera class
glc_circle.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_Circle class
glc_circle.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Circle class
glc_colladatoworld.cpp [code]
glc_colladatoworld.h [code]Interface for the GLC_ColladaToWorld class
glc_cone.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_Cone class
glc_cone.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Cone class
glc_config.h [code]GLC_lib configuration file
glc_context.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_Context class
glc_context.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Context class
glc_contextmanager.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_ContextManager class
glc_contextmanager.h [code]Interface for the GLC_ContextManager class
glc_contextshareddata.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_ContextSharedData class
glc_contextshareddata.h [code]Interface for the GLC_ContextSharedData class
glc_cuttingplane.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_CuttingPlane class
glc_cuttingplane.h [code]Interface for the GLC_CuttingPlane class
glc_cylinder.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_Cylinder class
glc_cylinder.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Cylinder class
glc_disc.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_Disc class
glc_disc.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Disc class
glc_errorlog.cpp [code]
glc_errorlog.h [code]Implementation of the GLC_ErrorLog class
glc_exception.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_Exception class
glc_exception.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Exception class
glc_ext.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC Opengl extension functions
glc_ext.h [code]Header of the GLC Opengl extension functions
glc_factory.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_Factory class
glc_factory.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Factory class
glc_fileformatexception.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_FileFormatException class
glc_fileformatexception.h [code]Interface for the GLC_FileFormatException class
glc_fileloader.cpp [code]
glc_fileloader.h [code]Common interface to 3D file parsers
glc_flymover.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_FlyMover class
glc_flymover.h [code]Interface for the GLC_FlyMover class
glc_frustum.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_Frustum class
glc_frustum.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Frustum class
glc_geometry.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_Geometry class
glc_geometry.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Geometry class
glc_geomtools.cpp [code]Implementation of geometry function
glc_geomtools.h [code]Declaration of geometry tools functions
glc_global.cpp [code]Implementation of usefull utilities
glc_global.h [code]Provide usefull utilities
glc_imageplane.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_ImagePlane class
glc_imageplane.h [code]Interface for the GLC_ImagePlane class
glc_interpolator.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_Interpolator class
glc_interpolator.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Interpolator class
glc_light.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_Light class
glc_light.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Light class
glc_line.cpp [code]
glc_line.h [code]
glc_line3d.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_Line3d class
glc_line3d.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Line3d class
glc_lod.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_Lod class
glc_lod.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Lod class
glc_log.cpp [code]
glc_log.h [code]Implementation of the GLC_Log class
glc_material.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_Material class
glc_material.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Material class
glc_matrix4x4.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_Matrix4x4 class
glc_matrix4x4.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Matrix4x4 class
glc_mesh.cpp [code]Implementation for the GLC_Mesh class
glc_mesh.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Mesh class
glc_meshdata.cpp [code]Implementation for the GLC_MeshData class
glc_meshdata.h [code]Interface for the GLC_MeshData class
glc_mover.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_Mover class
glc_mover.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Mover class
glc_movercontroller.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_MoverController class
glc_movercontroller.h [code]Interface for the GLC_MoverController class
glc_object.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_Object class
glc_object.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Object class
glc_objmtlloader.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_ObjMtlLoader class
glc_objmtlloader.h [code]Interface for the GLC_ObjMtlLoader class
glc_objtoworld.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_ObjToWorld class
glc_objtoworld.h [code]Interface for the GLC_ObjToWorld class
glc_octree.cpp [code]Implementation for the GLC_Octree class
glc_octree.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Octree class
glc_octreenode.cpp [code]Implementation for the GLC_OctreeNode class
glc_octreenode.h [code]Interface for the GLC_OctreeNode class
glc_offtoworld.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_OffToWorld class
glc_offtoworld.h [code]Interface for the GLC_OffToWorld class
glc_openglexception.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_OpenGlException class
glc_openglexception.h [code]Interface for the GLC_OpenGlException class
glc_panmover.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_PanMover class
glc_panmover.h [code]Interface for the GLC_PanMover class
glc_plane.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_Plane class
glc_plane.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Plane class
glc_point.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_Point class
glc_point.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Point class
glc_pointcloud.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_PointCloud class
glc_pointcloud.h [code]Interface for the GLC_PointCloud class
glc_pointsprite.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_PointSprite class
glc_pointsprite.h [code]Interface for the GLC_PointSprite class
glc_polylines.cpp [code]
glc_polylines.h [code]
glc_primitivegroup.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_PrimitiveGroup class
glc_primitivegroup.h [code]Interface for the GLC_PrimitiveGroup class
glc_pullmanipulator.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_PullManipulator class
glc_pullmanipulator.h [code]Interface for the GLC_PullManipulator class
glc_rectangle.cpp [code]Implementation for the GLC_Rectangle class
glc_rectangle.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Rectangle class
glc_renderproperties.cpp [code]Implementation for the GLC_RenderProperties class
glc_renderproperties.h [code]Interface for the GLC_RenderProperties class
glc_renderstatistics.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_RenderStatistics class
glc_renderstatistics.h [code]Interface for the GLC_RenderStatistics class
glc_rep.cpp [code]
glc_rep.h [code]
glc_repcrossmover.cpp [code]
glc_repcrossmover.h [code]
glc_repflymover.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_RepFlyMover class
glc_repflymover.h [code]Interface for the GLC_RepFlyMover class
glc_repmover.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_RepMover class
glc_repmover.h [code]Interface for the GLC_RepMover class
glc_reptrackballmover.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_RepTrackBallMover class
glc_reptrackballmover.h [code]Interface for the GLC_RepTrackBallMover class
glc_rotationmanipulator.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_RotationManipulator class
glc_rotationmanipulator.h [code]Interface for the GLC_RotationManipulator class
glc_selectionmaterial.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_SelectionMaterial class
glc_selectionmaterial.h [code]Interface for the GLC_SelectionMaterial class
glc_selectionset.cpp [code]Implementation for the GLC_SelectionSet class
glc_selectionset.h [code]Interface for the GLC_SelectionSet class
glc_settargetmover.cpp [code]
glc_settargetmover.h [code]
glc_shader.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_Shader class
glc_shader.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Shader class
glc_spacepartitioning.cpp [code]Implementation for the GLC_SpacePartitioning class
glc_spacepartitioning.h [code]Interface for the GLC_SpacePartitioning class
glc_sphere.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_Sphere class
glc_sphere.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Sphere class
glc_state.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_State class
glc_state.h [code]Interface for the GLC_State class
glc_stltoworld.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_StlToWorld class
glc_stltoworld.h [code]Interface for the GLC_StlToWorld class
glc_structinstance.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_StructInstance class
glc_structinstance.h [code]Interface for the GLC_StructInstance class
glc_structoccurence.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_StructOccurence class
glc_structoccurence.h [code]Interface for the GLC_StructOccurence class
glc_structreference.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_StructReference class
glc_structreference.h [code]Interface for the GLC_StructReference class
glc_texture.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_Texture class
glc_texture.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Texture class
glc_tracelog.cpp [code]
glc_tracelog.h [code]
glc_trackballmover.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_TrackBallMover class
glc_trackballmover.h [code]Interface for the GLC_TrackBallMover class
glc_tsrmover.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_TsrMover class
glc_tsrmover.h [code]
glc_turntablemover.cpp [code]
glc_turntablemover.h [code]
glc_uniformshaderdata.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_UniformShaderData class
glc_uniformshaderdata.h [code]Interface for the GLC_UniformShaderData class
glc_userinput.cpp [code]
glc_userinput.h [code]Interface for the GLC_UserInput class
glc_utils_maths.h [code]Mathematic constants
glc_vector2d.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Vector2d class
glc_vector2df.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Vector2df class
glc_vector3d.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Vector3d class
glc_vector3df.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Vector3df class
glc_vector4d.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_Vector4d class
glc_vector4d.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Vector4d class
glc_viewport.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_Viewport class
glc_viewport.h [code]Interface for the GLC_Viewport class
glc_wiredata.cpp [code]Implementation for the GLC_WireData class
glc_wiredata.h [code]Interface for the GLC_WireData class
glc_world.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_World class
glc_world.h [code]Interface for the GLC_World class
glc_worldhandle.cpp [code]
glc_worldhandle.h [code]
glc_worldreaderhandler.h [code]
glc_worldreaderplugin.h [code]Interface for reading world from 3D model
glc_worldto3dxml.cpp [code]Implementation of the GLC_WorldTo3dxml class
glc_worldto3dxml.h [code]Interface for the GLC_WorldTo3dxml class
glc_xmlutil.h [code]Interface for some QStream XML utilities
glc_zoommover.cpp [code]
glc_zoommover.h [code]
qrc_glc_lib.cpp [code] Logo

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